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GENIE Rock Star

GENIE Rock Star is a new project that shows how you can combine electronics, programming and CAD/CAM together into the products that you design and make. Developed using the new Circuit Wizard 3 software, GENIE Rock Star makes use of the GENIE Audio Kit's ability to play high quality 16-channel MIDI music.

Through a range of musically-themed projects, you will learn the various techniques involved in developing a modern, high-tech electronic toy, from the design of the panels through to computer programming and construction of the electronic circuit.

A complementary audio project, GENIE Cuddly Creatures, is also available.


The following resources are available for this project:

  GENIE Rock Star
Click here to read the classroom worksheets for this project.
  GENIE 14 Audio Kit
Click here to read more about the GENIE Audio Kit.
  DXF files — for those without access to Circuit Wizard 3
Click here to download the files. When importing use 'mm' scaling.
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